Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Fall in Love" Themed Bridal Shower - Part 1

Even though I'm a summer girl at heart, I have to admit I was able to "Fall in Love" with Fall this year thanks to the themed bridal shower I planned last weekend.

The M-O-H hired me to take care of the shower start to finish since she lives out of state.  All she requested was that I stick with a Fall theme.  I found my inspiration in Fall colors (deep reds and bright oranges/yellows) and Fall fruits (crisp apples). 


I chose the favors first.  I'm obsessed with anything in miniature form and I'm also obsessed with edible favors since they never go to waste.  I decided to combine those two obsessions and DIY mini jars of apple butter.  I ordered the jars from The Jar Store and apple butter in bulk from AllBulkFoods.com.  Then I hit the fabric store for the perfect gingham fabric and the craft store for cute little labels for the jars. 

I did my research and discovered I could actually buy pre-made mini jars of apple butter from several websites, including Etsy.  When I did a price comparison, I realized I could save about $100 if DIY'ed the favors. 

Tip:  When it comes to DIY, it usually comes down to money vs. time.  When you DIY, you will always save in money what it costs you in time.  If you have patience and time to spare, it's worth it to DIY.  However, DIY projects usually take twice as long as you anticipate so be prepared!

Martha Stewart's kraft labels read: "Spread the Love" Shannon's Bridal Shower

 Trace circles on the reverse side of the fabric and but them out with fabric scissors to top the mini jars.  Secure with rubber bands.

I displayed the favors in an apple picking basket on a burlap runner.


Since the shower was at the bride-to-be's grandmother's house, a gorgeous old Victorian home just a few blocks in from the beach, I wanted to keep the decorations understated while keeping with the "Fall in Love" theme. 
I used the left-over burlap runners from my wedding for the food table and the favors table.  The centerpieces were potted Gerbera daisies in vibrant yellows and oranges.  I wrapped the flower pots in the same gingham fabric I used for the favors. 
I made a DIY burlap banner (also with the left-over burlap from my wedding) that read "Fall in Love" and hung from the mantle of the beautiful fireplace.  This was the focal point of the room and where the bride sat and opened her gifts.
Lastly, I took short cylinder vases and filled them with 3 apples to spruce up the food table. 
I purchased the flowers from Wegmans... only $5.99 each and you can plant them!

Black acrylic paint and stencils made the lettering a cinch.
 I did a test run on my own mantle.  I used thin ribbon (taped to the top of the mantle) and mini clothespines to affix the burlap flags to the ribbon.
This is the banner hanging at the shower...
And this is the bride "falling in love" with all her gifts!
Check back for Part 2... the FOOD, the GAMES and the happy GUESTS!

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  1. These mini apple jars are great along with fresh floral décor. Few days ago attended a bridal shower at one of local NYC wedding venues. It was such a cute bridal shower with some interesting games. Really it was an enjoyable party and had yummy food!