Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" Poem + Cookie

When I was planning my first wedding (and yes, thanks to Hurricane Sandy I basically planned two weddings), I was going to have 6 bridesmaids.  On my actual wedding day, because our guest list was so small, I actually only had my sister as my M-O-H and Brian only had a Best Man. 

Anyway, I originally wanted my sister plus my 5 closest girlfriends to be my bridesmaids.  There are some really cute and clever ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids.  Personally, I wanted to get them each a small gift that would match the color scheme I had chosen for my wedding.  I also wanted to ask them to be my bridal party by writing a poem.  There is no greater pleasure in life for me than writing bridal poems.  Yes, I'm serious.  Yes, I know that makes me a giant dork.

I reached out to my friend who makes really yummy and really beautiful baked goods.  I wanted her to make giant sugar cookies in the shapes of bridesmaid dresses (in yellow - the color they would wear).  She went above and beyond and not only made dress cookies but she also made matching dress clutches and wrote each girl's name at the bottom of the cookie.

Adorable, right?  And she even made a bride's dress for me.  :)

She wrapped them individually in clear wrap and attached this poem that I wrote, to the packaging:

Will you “shower” me with a pretty lil’ party?

Will you hurry me along when I’m sure to be tardy?

Will you throw me a bachelorette that will go down in the books?

Will you please call me a Bridezilla if I give a dirty look?

Will you get a mani/pedi with me before the big day?

Will you make me smile when things don’t go my way?

Will you wipe my tears when I’m a weeping bride-to-be?

Will you hold my dress up when I have to pee?

Will you take too many pics and dance the night away?

Will you be my bridesmaid on my wedding day?

I think this pic of my friends, Daria & Lauren, shows just how much my bridesmaids loved their gift.  They all said "YES!" 

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