Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Best (& Cutest) Pre-Wedding Workout Gear for 2014


2014 is here.  Have you finally entered the year you're going to get married?  Is it officially crunch time (no pun intended)?

If you're like pretty much every bride I've ever met, including myself, then you probably have some really good intentions about getting in stellar shape before the big day.  Maybe you've already gotten started and religiously hit the gym every week (the rest of us hate you); maybe you think about it on a daily basis but just can't seem to form a routine (that was me at this time last year); or maybe you're waiting for inspiration to strike.

First let me say that I thought I'd be lean, mean, exercise machine in the months leading up to my wedding.  I was wrong.  Sure, I sporadically worked out and went for the occasional run.  I thought about working out a whole lot more than I actually did it.  I can blame it on the fact that I was working a full-time job, planning a wedding, helping my fiancé finish his Master's degree, and recovering from a gnarly knee injury (marathon training gone wrong). 

But when I really think about it, the motivation just wasn't there.  Exercise was not a top priority for me.  I wish it had been because it would have alleviated an immense amount of pre-wedding stress.  It's scientifically proven. 

I find there's no better motivation out there than SHOPPING.  There's just something about a fresh pair of sneakers or a racer-back tank that can kick your rear into gear.  I recommend you treat yourself to some of this cute pre-wedding work out garb.  Then I recommend you stop thinking about it and in the famous words of Nike, JUST DO IT

Tank Tops:

I own this tank.  It's comfy, flattering and sparkly.  Buy it!



Customized Girl - $39.97





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