Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hump Day Humor

Here's a great e-card that pretty much sums up the way most bride-to-be's will feel at some point during the wedding planning process.

I know for me, I was cool, calm and collected until about 3 weeks before our big day.  People complimented me on how "together" I was.  I should've known. 

This is what the last weeks leading up to my DIY backyard wedding looked like for me -- First came the full-blown insomnia, followed by loss of appetite, then the minor panic attacks kicked in and it was all topped off with random bouts of crying.  Brian, my poor then-fiancĂ© (and thankfully now-husband) treated me like I was a delicate toddler prone to temper tantrums.  I sort of was.

3 days before my wedding, my Facebook status read:
"Is there really any difference between a crack head and a girl who is 3 days out from her wedding?"

That's right... Bat. Shit. Crazy.

But I promise you, stressed-tired-frazzled-frantic-anxious-freaked-out-bride-to-be...
Totally. Worth. It.

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