Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mason Jars: Passe or Here to Stay?

When Brian and I got engaged in August 2012, I had already been secretly planning our rustic, nautical-themed wedding in my mind for quite some time.  You can't really blame me - Brian and I had been to about 20 weddings collectively before our own and I've been a bridesmaid 5 times (M-O-H once).  We're at "that age."

Although I waited to plan most of the details of our wedding during our actual engagement, I knew for years (maybe before I even met  Brian) that I wanted to have mason jars at my wedding.  When I originally hatched this plan, like I said, years ago, mason jars were just beginning to pop up in craft stores and hip restaurants were using them as drinking glasses.  Pinterest didn't even exist.

Fast forward to our wedding this past June (2013).  My dream of incorporating mason jars into my wedding finally came true.  We gave out adorable mason jars with handles and chalk board labels with each guest's name written in chalk as favors and to use throughout the night.  They also acted as place cards with the table number tied to them. 

They were a hit... but they weren't an original hit.  Not a single guest came up to me and said, "Mason jars!  How unique.  You're so clever."  That's because I guarantee that by the time our wedding rolled around, every single one of our guests had been to another wedding with "mason jar mania." 

Here's the thing about wedding trends and pretty much all trends for that matter... at some point, they will become passé.  As a bride-to-be, you will come up with the most fantastic, creative, mind-blowing idea for your wedding and during the year it takes to plan it and get there, odds are some other bride already beat you to the punch.

I say - if you love an idea and absolutely have to have it at your wedding, don't suddenly change your mind or drive yourself crazy just because it has become the latest fad.  If that were the case, pretty much everyone would stop having photo booths (super trendy at the moment) and those are just too fun for your drunk guests to ever pass up.

The jury is still out on whether mason jars are passé or here to stay.  But the good news is that if you find yourself with an overabundance of mason jars because you hopped on that bandwagon and now want to hop off, you can always use them for their intended use as, ya know.... jars.

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